Our Research and Development Laboratory is equipped with sufficient testing equipments for all necessary quality control tests required for finished or new products. These include machineries like Kneader, Extruders, Injection Molding Machine, Compression Molding, Blown Film Machine, Roll Mills, Drying Oven, Super Mixers and others.


We understand how our product works when it reaches our customers. Such knowledge and experiences enable us to always put our customer’s concern of quality, productivity, cost effectiveness and safety in top priorities. Therefore, pigments are carefully selected to achieve optimum suitability and compatibility to our customer’s end products. To ensure the quality of our products, we conduct various quality control tests which are compatible to the nature of our customer’s manufacturing process.


In COLORPLAST, there are ongoing studies and research on improving current products as well as developing new products. The R&D team work closely with the trends of the market and also collaborates with other research institutes.